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Peony Credit Card ➢Peony Credit Card Dragon Card and Phoenix Card

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This article list: 1. What is the ICBC Peony Platinum Credit Card limit? 2. How much is the Industrial and Commercial Bank Peony Card credit card limit? 3. What is the Peony Card? 4. Industry and Commerce What is the annual fee of Peony International Credit Card? The limit of the bank's Peony Platinum Credit Card is between 10,000 and 100,000 yuan. If you want to withdraw cash, its limit can reach 50% of the credit limit. Moreover, if you hold an ICBC Peony Platinum Card, you can enjoy airport VIP lounge services in the TTT3 terminal of the Capital Airport. I hope to help you. 2. ICBC Peony MasterCard Platinum credit card limit is generally between 10,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan. The specific amount depends on the applicant's personal situation, and the bank will make a comprehensive assessment based on the information submitted by the applicant when applying and in combination with the actual situation. The better the applicant's qualifications, the higher the credit card limit. 3. Hello, as far as I know about Peony Credit Card, the minimum amount of the Platinum Card of ICBC Air China Zhiyin Peony Credit Card is 50,000 yuan, which is an uncapped Peony Credit Card; however, if the ICBC Peony Platinum Card (MasterCard), it is The minimum amount is 10,000 yuan, and the highest amount can reach 100,000 yuan. I hope it will be useful to you. 4. For ICBC Air China Zhiyin Peony Credit Card Platinum Card (MasterCard/Visa Card), the limit is not less than 50,000 yuan, and the maximum is not capped. The ICBC 1872 Visa Platinum Card has a minimum limit of 50,000 yuan and no cap. ICBC multi-currency platinum card has a minimum limit of 50,000 yuan and a maximum limit of 200,000 yuan. 5. I checked it for you. The ICBC Peony Platinum Credit Card has a relatively high limit, ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan. I hope my answer can help you. 6. The limit of the ICBC Peony Platinum Credit Card is generally around 10,000-100,000. The specific limit depends on the individual's qualifications. How much is the credit card limit of ICBC Peony Card? The credit card limit of ICBC Peony Card is related to the specific card type. Peony Credit Card is mainly divided into Peony Credit Card: regular card, gold card and platinum card. The amount of ICBC Peony credit card is generally 0-20,000 yuan. In addition to the general quota, Peony Credit Card also has a gold card quota and a platinum card quota. ICBC Peony credit card is divided into three types: general card, gold card and platinum card. Ordinary card limit is generally between 1,000-10,000 yuan, gold card limit is generally between 10,000-50,000 yuan, and platinum card limit is generally more than 50,000 yuan. It is a credit card that can be overdrafted, with a minimum limit of 1 yuan and a maximum limit of no limit. At present, ICBC credit card types mainly include: Peony International Credit Card, Peony Credit Card, Peony Credit Card, which are divided into Platinum Card, Gold Card and Ordinary Card according to credit rating. The symbol of ICBC is the peony, so all ICBC bank cards are peony cards. Mainly divided into: general card, gold card, platinum card. What is Peony Card? Peony Card is both a debit card and a credit card. The general term for all ICBC bank cards is called Peony Card. Peony cards are mainly divided into the following types: Peony credit card: It has multiple functions such as cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer settlement, and card swiping consumption, etc., and belongs to the real credit card. Peony Card is the general term for cards issued by ICBC, including bank cards and credit cards. Peony Credit Card was officially issued on October 15, 1989, and joined the MasterCard International Organization at the end of the year, and joined the Visa Card International Organization in early 1990. Peony Card is the collective name for bank cards issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The peony card is also called the peony traffic card, and you can rely on it to pay fines for violating regulations. Peony Card is a credit card, you can count the card number, generally 16 digits is a credit card. Peony Card refers to the bank card issued by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which is used for consumption, transfer, access and other aspects. Peony cards are generally divided into three categories: international cards, credit cards and credit cards. Individuals over the age of 18 with stable income can apply for it at the local ICBC branch, and it can be used for all UnionPay devices. What is the annual fee of ICBC Peony International Credit Card? A family of RMB and USD Gold Cards, which can be used all over the world. The main card annual fee is 200 yuan (annual fee is waived in the first year, and the second year is waived when the card is swiped 5 times or over 5,000 yuan). The supplementary card annual fee is 100 yuan/year. Annual fee for Peony International Card of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 200 yuan/year for the main card of personal gold card, 100 yuan/year for the supplementary card Withholding for months, not calendar years. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Credit Card Peony Business Card Annual Fee: Peony Dual Currency Credit Card Business Card: Gold Card 400 yuan/card/year; Ordinary Card 200 yuan/card/year. Peony RMB credit card business card: gold card 200 yuan/card/year, ordinary card 100 yuan/card/year. There are various levels of ICBC Peony Credit Cards, and different levels of Peony Credit Cards charge different fees. Reminder: After consumption by credit card personal gold card and ordinary card, if the product is returned, it will affect the annual fee-free consumption amount and number of transactions accumulated by the original exchange; the above annual fee does not include high-end cards, business cards and individual special cards , you can reply to the inquiry of the card name (such as: Platinum Card Annual Fee). How to apply for Peony Credit Card for individuals Customers who apply for a card online must go to the nearest card collection outlet selected by themselves with their valid identity documents to complete relevant services such as signature confirmation, card collection and card activation in one go. The process of online application for ICBC Peony credit card is as follows: Enter the ICBC credit card application page through the ICBC portal website or log in to personal online banking. In addition to applying at bank outlets, you can also apply on the official website of ICBC, but the success rate of online application for ICBC credit cards is relatively low. Read the Peony Card Receiving Contract, Card Application Instructions, and Card Safety Instructions. Download the peony card application form and fill it out accurately. The editor of I Love Card reminds you that the applicant's certificate can only be an ID card; the address of the applicant and the contact person's unit and residential address must be accurate to the house number; the contact number must be true and valid.

Peony Credit Card ➢Peony Credit Card Dragon Card and Phoenix Card